Basic Legal Services

While we specialize in residential real estate law, we also offer a variety of other legal services, all executed with the same proficiency and patience. 


A will is a necessary legal document that specifies how your assets are to be distributed after your death. We can work with you to create a will that enshrines your wishes. We recommend that everyone, regardless of age or health, should have a will made out, but we’ll be available whenever you’re ready.

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Estate administration can be a complicated process, and an unnecessary burden during a stressful time. Whether there is a will (testate) or no will (intestate), or even a probated will from a different country, you can trust us to handle the court application process efficiently and effectively.

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Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows another party to act on your behalf in legal and business matters. With your direction, we can assist you in preparing the power of attorney that suits your particular situation, whatever it may be.


We're ready to help, no matter the situation. In the case that you require legal needs not offered by our firm, we can easily refer you to a lawyer that we trust will serve your best interests.