Residential Real Estate

Close with confidence.

Buying and selling real estate is a big deal. Chances are it’s the single largest investment you’ll ever make. There’s no room for mistakes. You can depend on our experience and straightforwardness to help navigate you through the process.


When buying a condominium it’s vital that we review every detail of your status certificate and, in the case of a new building, the new condominium agreement - and we won't charge you a thing to review it. Being thorough means that any changes that need to be made will be made before you close. 

Buying your home:

If you’re making an offer on a property, or you’ve already had yours accepted, congratulations! It’s time make your new home a reality.
From the financing stage, to the paperwork, and any technicalities that may arise, we’ll work with you to ensure that everything is done correctly and promptly. No surprises.

Selling your home:

As you’ve already bought before, you’re aware of what needs to get done in order to close the deal. As do we. Working together, we can help ensure the seamless sale of your home.


Whether you're negotiating your financing your first home purchase or taking out additional equity against your home, we can ensure that you're following all of the correct legal steps towards your mortgage.

Title insurance:

Our firm works with First Canadian Title Insurance to ensure that you obtain a clean title and that you are insured against any losses or damages suffered as a result of title problems.